1934 U of I Stein
1939 Stein
1940 Stein
1952 Stein
1958 Stein
196? Stein
1961 Stein
1963 U of I
1963 U of I
1967 Stein
1968 Stein
1968 Stein (Black)
1970 Basketball Big Ten Champs
1977 Stein
1981 Big Ten Co-Champs (Rose Bowl w/ Scores)
1981 Big Ten Co-Champs (Rose Bowl)
1982 Rose Bowl (HuskieMarching Band)
1982 Rose Bowl (Black)
1982 Peach Bowl
1982 Peach Bowl Champs
1983 Gator Bowl
1984 Freedom Bowl
1984 Freedom Bowl Champs
1985 Big Ten Champs
1986 Rose Bowl (Square Handle)
1986 Rose Bowl (Neat Graphics)
1986 Wrestling
1986 Holiday Bowl
1987 Holiday Bowl
1987 Kickoff Classic
1987 Kickoff Classic (Numbered)
1988 Peach Bowl
1989 100 Years of Football
1989 100 Years of Football (Black)
1989 Sigma Tau Gamma
1990 Big Ten Champs (Traditional)
1990 Big Ten Champs
1991 Rose Bowl
1991 Rose Bowl (Rose in Beak)
1991 Rose Bowl (Neat Graphics)
1991 Holiday Bowl (Traditional)
1991 Holiday Bowl (Different Handle)
1992 Kickoff Classic
1993 Alamo Bowl
1995 Sun Bowl
1996 Alamo Bowl
1997 Sun Bowl
2001 Alamo Bowl
2002 100 Years of Basketball
2002 Big Ten Champs
2002 Big Ten Champs (Big 10 Champs under Helmet)
2003 Orange Bowl (Traditional)
2003 Orange Bowl (Logo on Front)
2003 Orange Bowl (Block Letters)
2004 75 Years of Kinnick
2004 Big Ten Champs
2004 Outback Bowl
2005 Capital One Bowl (Traditional)
2005 Capital One Bowl (Wide Base Norrow Top)
2005 Capital One Bowl Champs
2006 Outback Bowl
2006 Alamo Bowl
2009 Outback Bowl (Traditional Logos)
2009 Outback Bowl (Outback Logo)
2010 Orange Bowl (Traditional)
2010 Orange Bowl (Square Handle)
Plain Stein (U of I)
Plain Stein (Traditional)
Plain Stein (Old Capitol)
Plain Stein (Black)
Plain Stein (Black different)
Plain Stein (Blue)
Plain Stein (Green)
Plain Stein (Hayden’s Logo)
Plain Stein (University Crest)
Plain Stein (University Crest)
Plain Stein (University Crest)
Plain Stein (University Crest Different Handle)
Mini Stein

There are various steins that have the University of Iowa logos.  I have some that have the date of 1939,1940,1958, …  They are not football related.  They might have been made in a different year than what is on them.  There are more steins out there that have different logos, dates, names, and other decorations on them.  I have some steins that are the same except for some wording that is missing or added.  Here is a list of all the steins that I know of.  I have pictures of most of the steins.  If you need a picture of one to see what it looks like, please contact me.  If you have steins that you no longer want, let me take them off your hands.
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