There is a number of tokens/coins that have University of Iowa schedules or logos on them.  I know that there are pressed pennies (flattened) with different designs of Iowa Hawkeye logos.  I am looking for others that are out there.  If you have some that are no longer needed, I may be  willing to take them off your hands.  If you have some that are not pictured, please send pics of the token/medal, so I can update the list. Here is a list of the ones that I know of. 1949 Kingsbury Token w/Football Schedule
1949 O'Dea Token w/Football Schedules
1951 O'Dea Token w/Football Schedules
1953 O'Dea Token w/Football Schedules
1954 O'Dea Token w/Football Schedules
1973-74 Token w/Schedules
1974-75 Token w/Schedules
1975-76 Token w/Schedules    
1976-77 Token w/Schedules
1977-78 Token w/Schedules
1978-79 Token w/Schedules
Silver tokens
Herky Coin (Black Gold)
   1987 Holiday Bowl
1989 100 Years of Football
   1991 Rose Bowl
Hawkeye Gold 1 ounce
Hawkeye Gold 1/10 ounce
Kinnick Gold
Kinnick medal
College Coin (Black White Gold)
Fry Medal (200 Victory)
1982 Peach Bowl
1984 Freedom Bowl
1993 Alamo Bowl
2004 Outback Bowl
2006 Outback Bowl
ROTC Medal
Coins of AmericaHerky